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Ghana ThinkTank, Mitrovica/ë (2011 - with Aaron Krach)

Mitrovica is a town divided by a River. To the North are the Serbs. To the South are the Albanians. In between is a bridge, guarded by International troops with military vehicles. In June of 2011, we applied the Ghana ThinkTank process in Mitrovica, collecting problems on one side of the Ibar river, and sending them across to be solved. It was an intense experience, in turns sweet and sad, full of hope, and then fear. Several people who had not crossed that bridge since the war began in 1999 came across to work with the other side for this project.

Below are some of the problems collected during this process. You can see more here. Also be sure to check out the tumblr, flickr, and various blog posts for more details on this project.









Thanks to CEC ArtsLink and SUNY Purchase College School of Art and Design for their support, and Aaron Krach for his invaluable help, as well as our Serb and Albanian counterparts (many of whom we are keeping anonymous).

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